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Worst country in European Union - Romania

Worst country in European Union - Romania edit | delete
Worst country in European Union Romania

Hello All,

My name is Giurea Alexandru, Romania, city of Ramnicu Valcea, 29 years old and I am going to present you step by step, in short stories, the misery of this country where unfortunately I live.
When you say Romania, please say misery, because this is the reality and I don't refer here to the beautiful places of this country but to some people who unfortunately live in this country.

1.My first job could send me to jail

In 2002 I finished Economics University from city of Craiova, having the specialisation ,,International trade''. At that moment I was full with nice thoughts.I spoke fluently English and French ( in this language I obtained a Business French Diploma issued by the International Chamber of Commerce from Paris - called DFA).I have told myself that it will be no problem in finding a job in my native city but it wasn't so because most of the busyings in my city were done by relations and money gratitude.

I had to go to Bucharest where I got a job which was the nightmare of my life and I could go to jail because of some very nice people I met there.

1.1.Most of the big state-owned companies in Romania were corrupt and there was no exception for the company where I got my first job - S.C. FAUR S.A. ( ex 23 August - the biggest company in Romania during Ceausescu regime - at that time this company had 22000 employess).

I got that job in 2003 after I passed the interview with the Export Manager, Mr. R. Muresan.I discoverd later that this person was very choleric.

The period when I got that job was the period before privatisation.The company at that time was still state owned.It was the company with the biggest surface in Bucharest - 1,200,000.00 square meters and hundreds of production sites for: complex equipment,metallic welded constructions, forging pieces and mechanically processed, constructions and locomotive repairs, thermical engines repairs.

When I got that job, this company had almost 2600 employees.

When I gave my demission in 2004, this company had lesser employees, almost 900
But these were no surprise for this country despite the fact they were unfair.
This was the general policy of the majority of privatisations in Romania after ’89.There were few exceptions.

The majority of the new owners started to fire people in order to pay smaller amounts in wages so the rest of the money enter in their pockets.

When the new owners arrived, they set up a new service meant to dismantle the unused installations. They were sold as scrap. I do not know how far they went with the dismantling
because I left this company 9 months after privatization.

Also, I do not know if they made investments and modernizations there. What I found this year from national newspaper is that they made a 20 million Euro credit by mortgaging almost 30,000.00 square meters of the company ( they have enough land to mortgage to banks taking into consideration that this company has 120,000.00 square meters).An easy way to make money with a property bought at a very low price from the state.Of course, the politicians had also their share.

Many state owned companies in Romania, after privatization, were dismantled and sold as scrap and their land was mortgaged for obtaining credits from banks.

,,Civil War''

The new owners didn’t maintain their object of activity, didn’t make investments and modernizations but they preferred to start firing people and to dismantle the premises to be sold as scrap for big amounts of money. This is a very fast and easy way to make money especially when the new owners bought the state owned companies at very low prices. They did not care about social aspects, about the hundreds of thousand people who were fired after 1989. If these nightmare scenarios had happened in Western countries (like Germany,France), these would have led to civil wars in those countries.

''Here I must to mention something. When Nokia decided this year to relocate a facility production from Germany to Romania because our country has a cheaper labor force and some 2000 German workers remained without jobs, an waive of indignation erupted in Germany and there were some noise in international media.

2,000 people fired in Germany meant nothing compared to hundreds of thousand of Romanian workers who lost their jobs after 1989 in different stages of the privatization process.

And there were no noise in international media, nobody cared about us. So, there is no problem for the Western countries and they stay indifferently if we have big social situations as long as we do not disturb them.

Nokia chose Romania because Romanians are in this moment the Chinese of Europe.
The wage of a German worker was about 2000 Eur and the one of a Romanian worker is about 300 Eur.
Very wise choice from Nokia.
We apologize to the German people but please understand the situation: We are the Chinese of Europe – good and qualified workforce paid with very low wages''

This was the case of Faur. From 12 people of Export Department, we remained only 4.And the volume of work tripled and my wage remained the same. I did not receive even a thank you from my manager for my extra-work. I started the work at 7 a.m. in the morning and I finished at 8 or 9 a.m. in the evening.

When I arrived home, I had time to eat and after that to go to sleep in order to be in a good shape for the next day. I did not have time to make sport, to go to a fitness club in order to recover from mental and physical point of view.

I was told myself that if I am going to continue in this way, I will have a heart attack. I had to take a.s.a.p. a radical decision in order to end that nightmare.
So, I gave my demission.

Big Sharks eat Little Sharks / and Little Sharks try to eat small fish

Little Sharks were the managing staff of the state owned company – Faur. Big Sharks were the new owners of the company.
Litlle Sharks thought that they had to make money from illegal activities before the Big Sharks take control over the company. They knew that when the Big Sharks will arrive, they will be all fired because Big Sharks will come their own managing team.

And this is exactly what happened. They were all fired after Big Sharks arrived.

Little Sharks told themselves ,,Hey, we have to make more money as long as we are in power and have this possibility. What shall we do after we shall be fired? How are we going to feed our families if we shall no longer be in managing positions? We can not afford the wage of a worker, we need a lot of money with less work if it is possible.
Let the losers(honest working people like me) to work for us! We get only the big cash!''